Tool Set

DIESEL ENGINE TIMING TOOL SET – BMW M42 / M44 / M50 / M52 / M54 / M56

• To install and remove camshaft / hydraulic chain tensioner.
• To check and adjust camshaft timing correctly
• Easily accessible operates the instruction, including the cross reference to the original part number.
• Application:
E30: 318iS 16v By. 89-91 (M42), E34: 518i Bj. 94-96 (M43), 520i Bj. 89-96, 525i Bj. 89-96, 525i Bj. 89-96 Single Vanos
E36: 316i Bj. 93-99,318iS/Coupe Bj. 92-98, 318i Bj. 93-99(M43), 318ti compact Bj. 94-98 (M42), 318iS/ Coupe Bj. 96-99, 325i Bj.
Compact Bj.996-01(M44), 320i Bj. 98-06 twin Vanos (M52), 323i
Compact Bj. 95-01-Single Vanos, 325i bj. 91-97, 325i Bj. 91-97 Single Vanos
E38: 328i Bj. 95-99 Single Vanos, 728i Bj. 95-98 Single Vanos, 728i Bj. 98-02
Twin Vanos, E39: 520i Bj. 95-99 Single Vanos, 520i Bj. 98-03 Twin Vanos,
523i Bj. 95-99, Single Vanos, 523i Bj. 98-01 Twin Vanos, 525i Bij. 00-03 Twin Vanos. 528i Bj. 96-00 Single Vanos, 528i Bj. 96-01 Twin Vanos (M52), 530i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos. E43: 520i Bj. 89-96 Single Vanos
E46: 316i Bj. 99-04, 316 i Compact Bj. 94-01(M43), 318i Bj. 98-04(M43), 320i Bj.
98-06 Twin Vanos(M52), 323i Compact Bj. 95-01 Single Vanos, 323i Bj. 98-01 Twin Vanos(M52), 325i Compact Bj.
00-06 Twin Vanos, 328i Bj. 98-01 Twin Vanos, 330i Bj. 00-06 Twin Vanos
E53: X5-3.0I Bj. 99-05 Twin Vanos (M54), Z3-1.8i Bj. 96-99, 1.9i Bj. 99-03 (M43/M44), 2.0i Bj. 99-03 Twin
Vanos(M52), 2.2i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos(M52), 2.8i Bj 97-99 Single Vanos, 2.8i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos,
3.0i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos(M52). E60/E61: Bj. 03-05 Twin Vanos, 525i Bj. 03-05 Twin Vanos, 530i Bj. 03-05 Twin Vanos
E65/E66: 730i Bj. 02-05 Twin Vanos. E83: X3-2.5I Bj. 03-06 Twin Vanos, X3-3.0I Bj 03-06 Twin Vanos
E85: Z4-2.2I Bj. 03-06 Twin Vanos, 2.5I 03-06 Twin Vanos, 3.0I Bj. 03-07 Twin Vanos

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