Ejector Set


4 Functions:
• Ball joint service
• Universal joint service
• Truck brake anchor pin service
• 4 Wheel drive ball joint service
This tool set has four functions: removal / installation of ball joints,
universal joints, truck brake anchor pins and 4WD ball joints. Both
ball joint service and 4WD ball joint service can be implemented
without having to take off the control arm. Universal joint service
can be utilized on U-joints with needle type bearings. Truck anchor
pin service can be used with pins up to 1-1/4″ in diameter. 4WD
ball joint service equipment broadens the application to include
vehicles with Dana 44 front axles such as 1967 to current 1/2 Ton
and 3/4 Ton GM, Ford, Dodge, IHC and Jeep 4WD vehicles. For
press-fit automotive components.

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